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China - FCR : Speech of President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh 


The President of the Republic of Djibouti, His Excellency Mr. Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, made a very important speech in the Assembly of the 2nd edition of the Silk Belt and Road Forum held in the Chinese capital, Beijing. In this speech, the President presented the enormous potential of Djibouti and its inescapable position, economically strategic, which marries perfectly this precious Chinese project. We reproduce below, the entirety of this speech as it published by the ADI (Djibouti Information Agency). 

"Praise be to Allah, Peace and Blessing be upon the Prophet, His Family and Companions"

Your Excellency, Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Excellencies, Ambassadors and Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemen, in your ranks, names and qualities, any protocol observed, I would like to congratulate the organization of this second edition of the One Belt One Road Forum by His Excellency Xi Jinping. 

Allow me also to express my sincere thanks to the President, his Government and the Chinese people for the warmth of their warm welcome. It is a great pleasure for me to participate in the second Forum of this brilliant cooperation initiative "Belt and Road" which brings together this year some forty heads of state and representatives of more than 100 countries. 

This forum dedicated to the new Silk Road will be a meeting place and exchange of economic and industrial knowledge that will allow us to perfect our development strategies. Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, Through this initiative, China proposes the promotion and construction of a new type of international relations and a community of destiny for humanity. It promotes mutual respect, equal consultation, openness, inclusion and reciprocal benefits.

China also insists on an approach to global governance characterized by the principle of "dialogue, synergy and sharing", with the aim of promoting connectivity worldwide. It is a new way of relations between states based on dialogue and partnership that opens here. This approach supports the multilateral trading system and promotes a more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial economic globalization for all. 

To do this, our partnership with the Asian giant is also strong and committed, because it is based on a common vision that strengthens regional integration and I would even say global. Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, The "Belt and the Road" aims to improve the connectivity of policies, infrastructure, trade, finance and people. Good progress has been made in all these areas over the last six years, especially in Africa. This initiative coordinates several global visions and strategies by effectively articulating with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It sets up a synergy of policies to promote global development.

At the regional level, the Belt and Road Initiative aligns with regional development plans and cooperation initiatives such as the ASEAN Connectivity Master Plan, the African Union Agenda 2063, Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union Strategy to link Europe with Asia to improve connectivity and support regional economic integration worldwide.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

Today, we can proudly say that the Republic of Djibouti occupies a special place in this project. Located on the edge of one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, at the crossroads of trade between East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia and Europe, Djibouti finds itself in the heart of the "new Silk road "maritime. My country already has good port and rail infrastructure. This is why Djibouti intends to take advantage of Beijing's plans to become a logistics platform for both the Chinese and the African states to which we must be connected. We are opening the doors of the enclave markets of our region to investors. At the same time, it offers an outlet for East African goods and raw materials to the rest of the world.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

Djibouti's long-term goal is to process 100 million tons of goods a year. The large port infrastructures and the construction of free zones testify to our desire for economic and strategic partnership. Thanks to these free zones, Djibouti hopes to take advantage of a new movement of relocation of Asian jobs to Africa via East Africa. But to succeed, our country will have to succeed in training a skilled workforce.

We are also looking forward to benefiting from the experience and technology transfer of some developing countries in the context of South-South cooperation. In the end, Djibouti will have the financial manna necessary for an industrial takeoff. Djibouti seeks opportunities arising from the synergy between the strategies and development plans of all partners in the framework of the "Belt and the Road", the development of pragmatic cooperation in various fields and the progress of bilateral cooperation , trilateral and multilateral.

The process generated by the One Belt, One Road initiative will bring new demands for infrastructure connectivity and industrial investment to life and unleash enormous potential for international cooperation.

Thank you for your kind attention


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