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China - FCR : Africa hails progress of "Belt and Road" project 


African officials present in Beijing for the 2nd "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation (RCF), which opened Thursday for three days, praised the progress and contributions of the Belt Initiative and the Road (ICR) in the last six years. An initiative that becomes global and global day by day. (Source ADI) Today, there are 125 countries that have joined (the ICR) and I am sure that in a short time, the whole world will be a member of this initiative, "said Thursday the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Djibouti International, Mahmoud Ali Yusuf, in an interview with Xinhua. "It is an initiative of rapprochement between peoples, sharing of prosperity (...) Djibouti is a country that has joined the ICR and has very special relations with China, and we will continue these relations. strategic, because we are at the crossroads of the Asian and African continents (...) in a very strategic place, "said Youssouf. For Emmanuel Mba Allo, Gabonese President Ali Bongo's special advisor, this is a "great initiative" that "benefits everyone, especially African countries, especially in the construction of infrastructure and especially port infrastructure" . "African imports and exports go by sea, so really Africa needs ports to trade with China and with other countries of the world, which is why the Belt and Road Initiative is a very important initiative. important for Africa, "he explained. Congo-Brazzaville Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, Léon-Juste Ibombo, said he was "very honored" to participate in this second forum. China "is a strategic partner of the Republic of Congo, especially in the telecommunications and digital sectors.For years, our two countries have worked together to secure the Congo to the modern society of information and communication" he told Xinhua. "We have built together the national fiber optic backbone that covers almost all of our national territory." Our collaboration continues in the context of regional integration, with the construction of very high speed networks in connection with our countries. neighboring countries, "said Ibombo. "By reaffirming our conviction in the community of destiny for humanity, we would like to refute all the allegations against the ICR, which remains, especially for our developing countries, a source of hope. different countries aspire without infrastructure and how to obtain these infrastructures without financing? "asked the Congolese minister. According to a report released Monday by the ICR promotion department, this Chinese initiative has made solid progress since 2013, reaching its main objectives such as policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, unhindered trade, integration and closer links between peoples.


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