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Djibouti - Government : 18th Session of the Council of Ministers


Djibouti - Government : 18th Session of the Council of Ministers
Under the chairmanship of HE Mr. Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, President of the Republic, Head of Government, took place Tuesday, December 25, 2018, the 18th Session of the Council of Ministers.
As in such a period, this last cabinet meeting of 2018 was an opportunity for the members of the executive to adopt the budgets of several parapublic institutions for the 2019 fiscal year. We reproduce the official communiqué as it was been published by the ADI (Djibouti Information Agency)

The President of the Republic, Mr. Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, and the members of his government have also taken several other measures. Some of them send strong signals in the resorption of unsanitary housing. The goal should go hand in hand with the improvement of urban living conditions and the democratization of access to decent housing.

The Council of Ministers has also shown its full support for the development of the entrepreneurial spirit, and the strengthening of the competitiveness of the private sector under the skies of Djibouti. And this through the promulgation of the decree that defines the operation of the center of leadership and entrepreneurship.


Draft Law on Ratification of the Loan Agreement for the Integrated Slum Upgrading Project in the Republic of Djibouti:

The purpose of the bill is to ratify a loan and grant agreement totaling about DF 3.5 billion between the Republic of Djibouti and the International Development Association. This agreement is intended to finance the integrated slum upgrading project in the Republic of Djibouti.

The objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the selected urban areas. This project includes several components, namely the development of a strategic framework for the Zero Bidonville program and the design of an investment plan, participatory rehabilitation investments in selected urban areas and project management.

This project also foresees the capacity building of the institutions in charge of the implementation of the project such as the Urban Rehabilitation and Social Housing Agency, the Urban Planning and Habitat Planning Department, municipalities and neighborhood committees. The adoption of this project will provide appropriate and sustainable responses for improving urban living conditions and access to decent housing for all.

Draft Decree on the organization of the Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship:

The purpose of the draft decree is to set the organization and operation of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center (CLÉ), which is a structure responsible for supporting and facilitating the development of entrepreneurship and the private sector.

This center will be responsible for coordinating and reforming entrepreneurship and business development programs, promoting the activity of awakening and developing young entrepreneurs, providing support for incubation, and stimulate the competitiveness of the private sector in growth sectors.

This draft decree aims to define the missions of the various entities of the CLÉ in order to achieve the objectives assigned to it. Thus, this text provides for the creation and implementation of adapted directions and services that will enable them to fully play their roles in supporting entrepreneurship.


Draft decree approving the budget budget of the People's Palace for the year 2019:

The projected budget for the 2019 fiscal year of the People's Palace is stopped in expenses and in products to 367 million FD. This 2019 budget, intended for the operation of the institution, will ensure the maintenance and maintenance of technical infrastructure for optimal use of the People's Palace.

Draft Order approving the Investment Code of the Company "Nael & Bin Harmal Investment":

The purpose of the draft by-law is to approve the Investment Code of "Nael & Bin Harmal Investment", a multinational company that intends to implement an integrated investment program in the real estate and tourism sector. and leisure. This company has just acquired the Kempinski Hotel for which it plans to extend and modernize its services.

It also intends to carry out an investment program for the acquisition of materials and equipment necessary for the activities. The realization of this important project will generate the creation of permanent jobs for our population and contribute to the development of tourism.

This project is part of the national policy to fight against poverty and also reflects the confidence of investors in the evolution and development of our economy.


Draft Order for Plot of Land for the Ministry of Muslim Affairs, Culture and Wakfs Property:

The draft order relates to the assignment to the Ministry of Muslim Affairs, a plot of land of 1395 m2, located in District 6 and intended for the establishment of a mosque called Darar.


Draft Order approving and making enforceable the projected budget for the 2019 exercise of the Teachers Training Center for Basic Education:

The budget of the Training Center for Teachers of Basic Education (CFEEF) for the financial year 2019 is stopped in expenses and products to 200 million FD.

The CFEEF budget is drawn up in a context of accelerating activities, namely teacher training and supervision. It is scheduled for the year 2019 to achieve the strategic objectives, including the initial training of the first teachers of the single framework, the introduction of teletraining for the regions, the improvement of the activities of the language laboratory, the introduction information and communication technologies for education.


Draft Order adopting the Draft Budget Forecast 2019 of the Broadcasting Television of Djibouti:

The projected budget of the Djibouti Broadcasting Television for the financial year 2019 is stopped in products and expenses to 1.7 billion FD. In 2019, the RTD plans to implement a program of activities, namely the inauguration of a Day Center, the empowerment of the national chains Somalia and Afar, the renovation of the Djibouti-city station by the replacement transmitters, and the creation of a 4th FM radio station that will broadcast programs in French and Arabic.

The 2019 budget also includes tenders for documentary films and other audiovisual productions to promote the emergence of external stations for the development of national products and encourage domestic production. The adoption of the budget will allow RTD to continue to improve its programs and continue its efforts to streamline learning.

Draft Order adopting the Draft Budget 2019 of the National Printing Office of Djibouti:

The estimated budget of the National Printing Office of Djibouti (IND) for the financial year 2019 is stopped in products to more than 494 million FD and gives a profit of 20 million FD. In 2019, the IND expects an increase in the volume of printing work, given the extension of its scope following the granting of exclusivity. IND also plans to invest in the purchase of products and materials. The adoption of the budget will allow the National Printing of Djibouti to fully carry out its missions in order to render a quality public service.


Draft Decree on the organization and operation of the Real Estate and Land Development Company:

The purpose of the draft decree is to define the missions and organization of the Real Estate and Land Development Company, whose mission is to implement the policy adopted by the Government in the area of ​​land development for land intended for real estate development.

Thus, the Real Estate and Land Development Company is responsible for carrying out construction operations of high and medium standard housing on land with high land value. This draft decree specifies the operation and prerogatives of the various structures that will serve as support for the allocations of the Real Estate Company and Land Development.

Draft Order approving the 2019 provisional budget of the Urban Rehabilitation and Social Housing Agency:

The budget forecast for the year 2019 of the Agency for Urban Rehabilitation and Social Housing (ARULOS) is stopped in products to 3.2 billion FD. This budget is developed as part of an increase in activities of this new agency.

In 2019, several projects will be implemented to meet the growing needs of social housing. Thus, it is planned as part of the restructuring of unhealthy housing to restart the program of self-construction, the launch of the program "Zero Bidonville" and studies of the 2nd project of construction of 1000 social housing.

It is also scheduled the continuation of construction of 840 homes north of PK12, the construction project 440 apartments and the construction of 500 social housing. This 2019 ARULOS projected budget will help consolidate activities and achieve the objectives of affordable housing production and rehabilitation of precarious neighborhoods.


The Minister of Defense, in charge of Relations with the Parliament, reported on the 25th regular meeting of the political organs of the East African Standby Force held from 13 to 17 December 2018 in Khartoum.

The Minister of Energy, responsible for Natural Resources, reported on his working visit to Cairo on 18 December 2018.


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