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Djibouti - Diplomacy : President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh faces the ambassadors of the country


Djibouti - Diplomacy : President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh faces the ambassadors of the country
"Our diplomacy operates in a constantly evolving international, continental and regional context," said the President of the Republic, HE Ismaīl Omar Guelleh, in a speech delivered at the reception organized on Wednesday, 19 December 2018, for Ambassadors accredited in the world. In this speech that can be described as academic, the president has sensitized diplomats to achieve the best possible promotion of all the potential of the country. We reproduce below the entire speech of the President of the Republic, as it was officially released.

Faced with these changes, the Djiboutian diplomacy, according to the head of state, "must not freeze or curl up on itself". "On the contrary, it must give the necessary impetus to integrate all the initiatives and all the innovations that can make it more dynamic and effective," he insisted.

"You should no longer be confined to representational diplomacy," said President Guelleh, explaining that "this diplomacy is dead with the cold war, with the days when the underdeveloped countries served as pre-squares to the great powers. This time is over. "

Praise be to God, may peace and blessing be upon the Prophet, his Family and Companions,
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very happy to meet you for this new edition of the Ambassadors' Conference. The opportunity for me to share with you the convictions that drive us, the challenges that await us but also the promises available to us to move our country forward.

For three days, you talked, you exchanged, you shared your experiences, you listened to the presentations of the members of the government: you absorbed the data and the priorities of the government. You will return to your positions well aware of the strategic orientations and the course we have chosen for the interest of our Nation.
Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors, representing your country abroad, speaking, discussing, negotiating or signing on behalf of all Djiboutian and Djiboutian women is more than a mission; it's a privilege. I am convinced that you feel it as such. This is why you must combine, in everyday life, your professional qualities and your human qualities to represent us with dignity. You must make the rest of the world discover the Djiboutian being in his culture, his tradition of welcome and his identity. You must make sure that our country, a land of meeting and exchange, is perceived for what it is the rest of the world: a country of peace, stability and tolerance.

Ladies and gentlemen Ambassadors, our diplomacy operates in an international, continental and regional context in perpetual evolution. This is why she must not freeze or curl up on herself. On the contrary, it must give the necessary impetus to integrate all the initiatives and innovations that can make it more dynamic and effective. While respecting, of course, our principles, our convictions and our interests.

That is why we remain true to our principles when we advocate for a world in which multilateralism triumphs and repels the temptations of unilateralism and withdrawal, nourished by populist or nationalist ideologies. Because the challenges facing the international community can only be met if the same international community converges its efforts in the same direction. We also remain true to our principles when we actively participate in the fight against terrorism. That's why our troops are joining forces with other troops on the continent to pacify Somalia and extract it from Shebab influence. And that's why we also contributed with the military forces of the international community to eradicate piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

Ladies and gentlemen Ambassadors, our country remains true to its convictions when we plead with others for an accelerated integration of our continent. This integration, economic and political, continues on its way. And it is because we believe in the virtues of this integration that we supported the structural reforms of the African Union proposed at the 2nd summit last November. In fact, the major cross-border commercial projects between Djibouti and Ethiopia are already part of this regional integration approach, the purpose of which is to lead to a single market on the continent.

Because Djibouti is driven by this conviction that our continent, free from all causes of belligerency, can focus on the economic development and prosperity of its population. 
The evolution of the regional context strengthens us in this conviction and encourages us to optimism. Indeed, our Horn of Africa, often in the whirlwind of ethnic or interstate conflicts, is changing its wings and also aspires to peace. What good news and how not to rejoice? Especially for our country. Yes, especially for our country which, since the 2000s, with the inter-Somali peace talks in Arta, or the rapprochement of the inter-Sudanese fractions, continues to play the mediator or the facilitator so that our region embraces the peace.

What good news for our country, collateral victim of a conflict as absurd as tragic in which our neighbors Ethiopians and Eritreans wade! We hailed the voluntarism of the new Ethiopian prime minister who blew the psychological block against peace between the two countries. We also welcome and appreciate his overall activism at the regional level, including the efforts he has made and is making in the process of standardization between our country and Eritrea. For our part, and concerning this process, we remain optimistic because we have always been on the side of peace.

Ladies and gentlemen Ambassadors,
I mentioned earlier that the world is changing and that our diplomacy must evolve. It is a truth, even an evidence that must serve you as a matrix. Yes !
Today more than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today, you should no longer be confined to representational diplomacy. This diplomacy died with the cold war, with the days when the underdeveloped countries served as pre-squares to the great powers. This time is over. Today, our diplomacy is at the service of our interest, the interest of our nation and our people. Today, our diplomacy is dictated by the imperatives of our socio-economic development.

This is what must be the thread of your mission, that is what must be its center of gravity and at the same time its purpose. You must be immersed in this reality. This reality, you have seen in the field when you visited yesterday some of our infrastructure. Infrastructures that bear the mark of our ambition; to become an economy open to the region and to the world, an economy that derives its substance and prosperity from this ambition.

To those who think that these infrastructures are only putting our country into debt. You must explain and do pedagogical work. Explain calmly that these market infrastructures are indispensable levers for the economy. To explain calmly that these infrastructures are part of a promising regional economic logic. Finally, always calmly explain that these infrastructures generate income, jobs and growth for the well being of our economy and our people.

Because it is also your responsibility to communicate in the media of your countries of accreditation, with our public and private partners, on the potentialities and the assets of our country. As you know, the last two years the government has made ambitious reforms to make the business climate attractive. These remarkable efforts, in many respects, have been noticed in the context of the "Doing Business". Here too, it is your responsibility to explain to your contacts the investment facilities or the comparative advantages that can encourage them to invest in our economy.

Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors, in the world of globalization and globalization, economic pragmatism is becoming an element of diplomatic influence. Therefore, you must be the vectors of this influence. That is why, faithful to our agenda to become an emerging country, you must put at the top of your priority, the promotion of our Country and its economy. That is why I now invite the Minister of Foreign Affairs to incorporate this dimension as an essential criterion in the annual evaluation of our embassies.
Thank you for your attention.



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