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African Union - PSC Session : Speech by Ambassador Mohamed Idriss Farah


During the PSC Session on the latest developments in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea, Ambassador Mohamed Idriss Farah, who is chairing the PSC for the month of November, gave a speech focused on the situation. region and the recent diplomatic activities that have resulted in historic peace agreements. Here is the entirety of this speech.

African Union
Addis Ababa November 22, 2018

Excellency, Commissioner for Peace and Security, Smaïl Chergui,
Excellency Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors,

Ladies and gentlemen,

1. On behalf of the Republic of Djibouti, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of the latest positive developments in the Horn of Africa in the year just ending. These include the normalization of relations between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the State of Eritrea, followed by normalization between Eritrea and Somalia, which will undoubtedly have positive repercussions on other disputes. regions such as Djibouti / Eritrea and Eritrea / Sudan.

In this regard, the Republic of Djibouti welcomes the decision of the United Nations Security Council on the lifting of sanctions against Eritrea and hopes that the question of the border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea as well as the issue of Djiboutian soldiers disappeared during military conflict between the two countries will be resolved rapidly at the bilateral level.

2. Following the meeting of 17 September 2018 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, between His Excellency Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of the Republic of Djibouti, and HE Mr. Issayas Afewerki, President of the State of Eritrea, under the auspices of the King of Djibouti Saudi Arabia, Salman Ben Abdelaziz, leaders of both countries decided to continue the dialogue initiated to find a peaceful solution to their different.

3. As a member of both the African Union and the Arab League, the Republic of Djibouti sees itself as a natural bridge between the Middle East and the African continent; as a vehicle for reinforcing mutual understanding in order to facilitate coherence in resolving the different tensions and interdependent conflicts that affect both regions.

In this common space that is the Horn of Africa, many challenges are shared: terrorism, organized crime, maritime piracy, migration, poverty, endemic diseases and environmental degradation.

4. Taking into account the positive contributions of external actors to the recent developments in the Horn of Africa, we must seize this opportunity to consolidate the achievements and reorient ourselves to formulate a common position on future developments affecting our region. We must seize this positive momentum to collectively and sustainably address the peace and security challenges we face.

5. The Republic of Djibouti in its role of President of the Peace and Security Council for the month of November, believes that it is important to hold consultations with African Union Member States and other partners in order to put in place a cooperative security framework in this shared space. This framework would be based on the principles of peaceful settlement of disputes and non-interference embodied in the United Nations Charter and the Constitutive Act of the African Union.

The friendships cultivated with the sister countries of the right bank of the Red Sea can not distract us from the central principle of the African renaissance, namely "African solutions to African problems".

6. In order to stimulate the discussion that brings us together today, the Republic of Djibouti wishes to make the following recommendations:

Ensure that the Peace and Security Council, the decision-making body of the AU, is fully engaged in issues related to the Horn of Africa

Ensure that actors outside the continent commit to respect these principles and support our existing mechanisms

Develop joint Afro-Arab mechanisms for the management of peace and security in this shared space that is the Red Sea;

Ensure that the African Union remains seized and maintain a common position on political, economic and commercial rivalries outside our continent.

Thank you for your attention.


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