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African Union - PSC : Draft Communiqué


The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU) adopted at its 806th meeting, held on 7 November 2018, the following decision on the situation in Somalia and on the African Union Mission in Africa. Somalia (AMISOM). We reproduce the entire official communiqué as published by the AU-PSC.

The board,

1 - Takes note of the report of the President of the Commission on the situation in Somalia, of the statement made by HE Ambassador Mohamed Idriss Farah, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Djibouti to the AU and President of the CPS for the month of November 2018 , As well as of that made, on behalf of HE Ambassador Smail Chergui, by Dr. Admore Kambudzi, Acting Director of the Peace and Security Council. The Council also takes note of the communications made by the Special Representative of the Chairman of the Commission in Somalia and Head of AMISOM, HE Ambassador Francisco Madeira, and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Somalia and Head of MINUSOM, Professor Nicholas Haysom. The Council also took note of the statements made by the Permanent Representative of Somalia to the AU, HE Ali Shariif Ahmed and HE Ambassador Woinshet Tadesse, in his capacity as representative of the President of the Inter-Governmental Development Authority (IGAD), and by the Representative of the European Union (EU);

2 - Recalls all its previous decisions and statements on the situation in Somalia and on AMISOM and in particular the communiqué [PSC / MIN / COMM.3 (DCCLXXXII)] adopted at its 782nd meeting held on 27 June 2018 and the communiqué [ PSC / PR / COMM (DCCLXIX)] adopted at its 769th meeting held on 30 April 2018. The Council also recalled, in particular, paragraph 13 of the Communiqué of its 782nd meeting in which the Council emphasized the need to reconfigure AMISOM to be in line with the implementation of the Somalia Transition Plan (TSP), as well as paragraph 16 in which it requests the Commission to work closely with the United Nations to undertake over the next three months, a comprehensive review of AMISOM's multi-dimensional capabilities and capabilities, and also paragraph 22 in which the Council urged the development of a new concept of AMISOM Operations. AMISOM;

3 - Reiterates the importance of periodic reporting by the Commission on developments in Somalia and on the progress made in implementing the mandate of AMISOM, particularly with respect to AMISOM support to the PTS as required in the communiqué of its 753rd meeting;

4 - Commends the Federal Government of Somalia (SFG) for the significant progress made in its efforts towards inclusive policies, including the elaboration of the legislative framework for the 2020 elections, the sharing of resources with the federal member states, constitutional reform, security sector reform, economic recovery in the context of the new political order in the Horn of Africa. In this regard, the Council welcomes good-neighborly relations with Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti as well as the warming of the country's diplomatic relations with the Gulf States. The Council also welcomed the ongoing efforts in the implementation of the STP, which is a demonstration of the GFS commitment to take full ownership of the security responsibilities of the country;

5 - Also commends AMISOM and its troop- and police-contributing countries (PCTPs) for the progress made so far in implementing the priority tasks highlighted in the communiqué of the 782nd meeting above and in the Resolution 2431 of the UNSC in support of the STP towards transition and withdrawal;

6 - l furthermore, the Commission and AMISOM for facilitating the Operational Readiness Assessment (OAP), the development of the new AMISOM 2018-2020 Operations Concept (CONOPS) and the submission of the first quarterly report to the AU PSC for review and retransmission to the UNSC in a timely manner. The Council welcomes the development of the new CONOPS and the Council looks forward to its review and adoption as soon as possible;

7 - Takes note of the findings and observations of the EAPO, including the identification of gaps in terms of capacity and favorable conditions for future planning as well as the provision of baseline data to reduce by 1,000 the horizon of February 2019, the reconfiguration of AMISOM and the development of the new AMISOM CONOPS to support the implementation of the STP;

8 - Also takes note of the deadline for the mid-term review, which coincides with preparations for the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Conference of the Union to be held in early 2019, as well as the conduct of joint operations with the Forces Somali security forces (FSS), the reduction of 1,000 troops and the reconfiguration of the AMISOM process to support the implementation of AMISOM's STP and CONOPS. To this end, the Council requests that the review by the UNSC for the mid-term review of AMISOM be conducted in March 2019, following the finalization of the AMISOM staff reduction;

9 - Emphasizes that the SCP approved by Council at its 769th meeting provides the most viable path for the transition and transfer of primary security responsibilities to HSPs. To this end, the Council stresses the need to ensure that any alignment or flexibility that AMISOM should apply during the transition period is done under the STP;

10 - Also stresses that the successful transition to Somalia should be built around close collaboration among all stakeholders including the GFS, Federal Member States (FMS), AMISOM, the UN and other partners. To this end, the Council urges the GFS, and the FMAs to engage in a constructive dialogue to resolve their political differences, in order to ensure more collaboration and synergy in the implementation of federal and regional priorities which will contribute to the preservation and consolidation of peace and security in the country;

11 - Stresses the importance of his upcoming visit to Somalia and the need to discuss with all stakeholders, assess the situation and support ongoing initiatives to support the resolution of ongoing tensions between the GFS and the EMFs ; stresses also the importance of peaceful resolution of all disputes in order to bring Somali people to write a new page in their political history, made up of decades of conflict, through the ongoing path of stability, peace of development and prosperity;

12 - Notes with concern that, although there are many training programs for the Somali National Defense Forces, initiated by multi-stakeholder facilitation, their visibility and results remain limited. The same is true for coordination between these stakeholders and AMISOM, which should facilitate the supervision and harmonization of combat tactics for trained Somalia Defense Forces personnel. To this end, the Council encourages the FGS to accelerate the implementation of the National Security Architecture and strengthen links through the generation and monitoring of trained personnel and the retention of HSC staff to conduct joint operations with AMISOM;

13 - Stresses the importance of the conditions underpinning troop withdrawal and transition for the transfer of security responsibilities to the GFS and FSS to maintain the momentum and progress already achieved. To this end, the Council reiterates its call and support for sustainable and predictable funding from AMISOM to ensure that the Mission has the capacity to effectively support the transition process. In the same vein, the Council stresses the need for the United Nations Office for Logistical Support to Somalia (UNSOS) to be equipped to support AMISOM so that it can implement the priorities of the STP, particularly through reconfiguration. of the Mission and undertake the logistical mobility of combat operations;

14 - Pays tribute to the heavy sacrifices made by AMISOM troop and police contributing countries, especially to those who have paid the ultimate price for the promotion of peace, security, stability and reconciliation. Somalia. In the same context, Council wishes a speedy recovery to those who are recovering and recovering from their wounds;

- Reiterates its thanks to the UN, the EU and other bilateral partners for their continued support for AMISOM operations against Al Shabaab, and for their support to the efforts of the FGS;

16 - Requests the President of the Commission to transmit this communiqué and his report on Somalia, as well as the report of the AMIS EEPO to the African members of the UN Security Council (A3) and the UN Secretary-General for dissemination to members of the Security Council as appropriate; and

17 - Decides to remain actively seized of the matter


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