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Djibouti Vision 2035

As part of Vision 2035, the Republic of Djibouti focuses on the development of roads , ports , airports and telecommunications infrastructure to make Djibouti the hub of regional and international traffic.
To this end, massive investment effort in the amount of approximately $ 6 billion has been undertaken by the ports of Djibouti and Free Zones Authority ( DPFZA ) to expand its activities and support the economic growth of its neighbors as the Ethiopia and the recent independent nation of South Sudan .
The program includes the addition of six ports to those already existing , specialized in all kinds of products which are to be exported through them. For example, crude oil, liquefied natural gas , minerals, livestock and others are all appointed by a port.
The Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority, the regulator sets the rules , guidelines and general principles for the smooth and efficient operation of ports and free zones in Djibouti, forecast at the end of it all , Djibouti emerged as a leading world-class ports .

Port Tadjourah

Among the projects of infrastructure development mega Djibouti intensifies to serve the region as a gateway port development Tadjourah which sets off soon this year on the north coast of Djibouti with a total investment of 180 million USD . Tadjourah Ports is targeted to serve and accommodate large mineral export products of Ethiopia, and is located 15 km from the city of Tadjourah . It is also in line with the Djibouti government's plan to develop different parts of the country.
The development of the port of Tadjourah will help Ethiopia to strengthen its mineral exports mainly potash , which in turn bring higher foreign exchange earnings of the country, which according to the grandiose vision 2025 that former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi designed, will generate more than 2.75 billion U.S. dollars .

Ethiopia has vast resources of potash in the Danakil depression Dallol near a deposit of approximately 588.2 million tonnes of Inferred mineral resources of potash. The government has focused on the exploitation of this mineral and become a major exporter of potash in the world. Wearing Tadjourah is appointed to facilitate the highest economic growth of Ethiopia and its need to export 4 million tonnes of potash per year. The port should be operational by the year 2014.
Several large companies fertilizer manufacturing world came to Ethiopia to extract potash and also establish fertilizer processing plants . Notable are the likes of Yara ( a leading global producer of fertilizers ) Allana Potash Corp. of Canada ( AAA), Sainik Potash Plc of India, Ethiopian Potash Corp. ( FED ) and Melbourne-based BHP Billiton Ltd. All these companies are developing projects to extract potash, a fertilizer ingredient , in the Afar region of Ethiopia . To this end, other infrastructure development projects are being parallel execution for linking resource extraction sites to the output Tadjoura Port .

Port Ghoubet

Djibouti establishes strategic approach for the development of marine facilities that are based on specialization. In this context, the port is developed to treat Ghoubet export salt from Lake Assal and is developed with a total investment amount of 64 million USD . The port is excluded to be operational by the year 2014.

With a salt crust 60 km2 and 100 million tons of salt, lake Assal is the largest salt reserves underdeveloped world . It is also an ideal environment for the production of solar salt with an evaporation of 4 meters per year and annual precipitation rates are less than 20 cm per year. The rest of the lake is composed of 50 km2 of salt water about 25 meters deep. Currently , specialized equipment has been set up to cultivate salt crystallization built directly on the salt crust , proximity to vast reserves of brine removes the need for expensive concentration ponds. Companies that have come to invest in the process of salt deployed a fleet of service trucks and the site of heavy trailers adapted to be held on the salt washplant and storage area aboard the salt marsh at Port Goubet to 20km. In the final step , Salt will be delivered to vessels up to 100,000 DWT , moored 44 meters from the pier in the SIS Goubet bay. A traffic of 4.5 million tonnes of salt will be exported through the port of Ghoubet .

Port cattle Damerjog

Port Damerjog is better prepared to facilitate the export of cattle. The Fund for the export of livestock in Djibouti Damerjog have the ability to export 80,000 animals per month. This port will improve the incomes of the rural poor and improve their food security. Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa will therefore be beneficiaries of this facility for export.
The Middle East are dependent on the import of livestock . The point of the annual market for sheep and goats in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia in particular high, occurs during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca for the Hajj.

Livestock trade between the Horn and the Middle East is vital to the economies and food security in the Horn of Africa. The Fund for the export of livestock to the port of Djibouti Damerjog project will bridge livestock producers in the region specifically Ethiopia.
The breeding port Damerjog absorbed a total investment of $ 70 million and should relieve the park actual livestock within the Port of Djibouti . A total of 2 million head of cattle are exported each year.


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