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National Assembly: Mr. Mohamed Ali Houmed elected President


Two candidates were competing in the race for the presidency of the parliament: Mr. Mohamed Ali Houmed, previously Vice President and Acting President of the National Assembly following the death of the late Arnaoud and Mr. Zakaria Abdillahi, MP from the ranks of the opposition.
Mohamed Ali Houmed was elected on 1 March 2015, with an overwhelming majority, President of the National Assembly.
We reproduce be the score of this election as it was published by ADI (Djiboutian Information Agency).

This election follows the death in February of the one who led the institution for more than 12 years, in this case the deceased Arnaoud Idriss Ali.
Of a total of 64 votes cast, Mohamed Ali Houmed has obtained 61, while his challenger reaped as 2, a newsletter having proved invalid.

By winning this election which, remember, has coincided with the opening today of parliamentary activities as part of fiscal 2015, Mohamed Ali Houmed became the sixth president of the National Assembly.

The overwhelming victory of Mohamed Ali Houmed was obtained thanks to the support of MPs from the opposition who spoke in his favor, and refusing to support the candidacy of Mr. Zakaria Abdillahi despite belonging to the same political movement
the latter, that is to say, USN (opposition).

Given that the number of MPs from the USN are ten in number, at least 7 of them therefore supported Mr Mohamed Ali Houmed. "Now I am the President of all members," Mr Mohamed Ali Houmed said in his inauguration speech.

"At the very moment when you have invested, I already measure the weight of the responsibility you have entrusted to me. It's certainly a rewarding responsibility but also very demanding. It is a responsibility that engages me,
for which I hear now devote all my energy, "he advised.

"Our institution, like our new building should reflect renewal, innovation and progress," he said, adding that "it has to get rid of some archaic
and a certain heaviness that sometimes hinder its action and its effectiveness. "

"The National Assembly, according to its new president must be a space for constructive criticism, debate and proposals which members assume their responsibilities of men and women devoted to their constituents."
"I want a National Assembly which elected you are find themselves on all matters of general interest affecting the future of our nation," insisted Mr. Mohamed Ali Houmed.


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