Djibouti Ambassador for Ethiopia and Rwanda

His Excellency

Mohamed Idriss Farah

Permanent Representative

to AU and CEA

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September 22, 2011, was the day where I delivered to the President of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, the letters of credence accrediting me to this great friendly country of the Republic of Djibouti. And I do not hide that I was particularly pleased with this assignment. Satisfied, because proud to represent my country. Satisfied, because proud to serve my President, His Excellency Ismail Omar Guelleh. Satisfied, because proud to be at the service of the people of Djibouti. Finally satisfied because, this position of Addis Ababa is essential to more than one way.

Addis Ababa is firstly this prestigious city that has witnessed the Organization of the African Union and that has remained to this day, the natural seat of this historic organization now known as the African Union.

It is also the capital of a country with which Djibouti share in common a long history of friendship and brotherhood, woven and consolidated by aboriginal socio-economic ties. Links that are today, in the light of the results, more fruitful, dense and marked by a strong mutual trust. It is in an enthusiastic momentum that the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and the Republic of Djibouti will celebrate, in 2014, the 90th anniversary of its relations.

Our exchanges and cooperation policy is not hold up as example everywhere ?

The Republic of Djibouti and the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, guided by visionary leaders, play a leading role in the region. Aware that peace and stability are essential elements of any development, they have never spared their efforts to advocate for a lasting and definitive peace in East Africa. Especially Somalia, where each of our countries, continued to pay in human life. Without that it may weaken this unwavering commitment that continues to feed them. Because together, we are aiming far ! A genuine policy of integration regional, which is essential not to say vital, is supported by our two countries to guarantee, in a very near horizon, this long-awaited development and finally ensure to our populations, one well be deserved. .

Each of the countries within our region abounds in natural resources. And if the President of the Republic of Djibouti, His Excellency Ismail Omar Guelleh and late Meles Zenawi, former Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, and today Haile Mariam Desalegn, had decided to deal a blow to acceleration in the development of communications infrastructure program, it is simply to better deliver these resources to the Djiboutian port infrastructures planned to ensure their export. No less than 13 mega project, rail and port projects will be operational from here to 2015. In each side, the work already started. The first line supplying Djibouti in electricity is operational since two seasons. Other interconnection projects will start soon. The telecommunication connection project of the called "optical fiber" is directed by Djibouti Telecom in favor of Ethiopia etc...

It is therefore a great honor to represent the interests of my country here and live this great human adventure, for peace and regional development ; launched and supported by our heads of State.

We pray God to support our leaders in this noble and difficult action to ensure the success of our peoples.

His Excellency Mohamed Ibrahim Farah

Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti in Ethiopia and Rwanda

Representative to the African Union and CEA


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